We are a Business Development and Marketing Agency of ECM Group that assists our clients with strategic marketing, branding, innovative business growth strategies and tools. We provide the right solutions to aid business development and build strong brands. We offer the following services:

Business Development & Strategy

As Business Strategists ourselves, we partner with you to assist define and implement marketing strategy and direction.

(a) Strategy & Business Plans

We assist new or existing businesses to formulate Strategy and prepare Business Plans for various purposes. 

(b) Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plans

We assist businesses to adequately plan and effectively execute marketing activities, using efficient techniques and tools. Our teams assist clients to develop effectively:

  • Advertising Strategy;
  • Brand Strategy;
  • Creative Strategy;
  • Campaign Strategy;
  • etc.

(c) Market Research

We provide modern market research that is convenient for everyone. We collect research data from relevant sources such as consumer mobiles, tablets, laptops, PCs, field survey, etc. We deploy the latest tech and methodologies to analyse and produce value adding reports. 
(d) Product Launch and Promotions

We will plan, implement, organise and execute your promotional events. We use the best possible staffing and marketing materials to ensure the best customer experience. 
We select our promoters personally with precision when it comes to their ability to communicate and promote a product and/or brand’s vision.

Modern day business is driven by advancement in technology and business practices which helps entities to obtain and promote a product and/or brand’s vision.

(e) Proposals and Financial Projections / Budget

We enjoy assisting our clients to prepare Business Proposals, Budgets, and Sales Pitch to meet the needs of our clients. Depending on client's needs we are happy to add to the package graphic design, website development, online marketing and other business solutions to boost the business case.

(f) Marketing Project Management

Get your marketing campaigns organized in one place, so you can move projects forward not tirelessly tracking them down! Focus on execution, moving forward, and meeting deadlines! 

Corporate Branding & Marketing Tools

We use innovative and intelligent branding and marketing tools to drive corporate growth and enforce the strength of corporate identity. We invest a substantial amount of time, rare skill, experience and resources in the practice of creating corporate or business names, symbols and designs that differentiate our products, and those of our clients from the rest of the market. To this end, we offer the following: 

(a) Corporate Clothing, Gifts and Stationery

We have an extensive range of quality corporate goods at our disposal to serve your needs and enforce your brand. We have the following items amongst others:

  • Corporate Clothing;
  • Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment (PPE);
  • Safety Shoes & Boots;
  • Uniforms (formal or semi-formal, medical, hospitality and chef wear, etc.);
  • Corporate Gifts;
  • Corporate Stationery;
  • etc.

(b) Creative Corporate Branding

We provide the following Branding services:

  • Brand Design - Logo, Slogan, Colours, etc.
  • Print Design - Letterheads, Business Cards, etc.
  • Photography and Video Works - Corporate Shoots, Advertisements, etc.
  • Content Design - Content development or management, Newsletters, Magazines, etc.

(c) Display Branding and Marketing

We provide branding solutions for outdoor and indoor environments. Our solutions are flexible and dependant on your needs. We offer the following: 

  • Banner Walls;
  • Indoor and Outdoors Banners;
  • Country Flags;
  • Fabric Frames; 
  • Fence Wrap; 
  • Flags;
  • Gazebos; 
  • Branding Hardware; 
  • Pennant; 
  • POS;
  • Table Cloths; 
  • Umbrellas;
  • Vehicle Branding;
  • etc. 

(d) Creative Digital Marketing

We provide the following Creative Digital Marketing services:

  • Website Design;
  • Website Development;
  • App Development; 
  • E-commerce Development;
  • Search Engine Advertising;
  • Search Engine Optimisation;
  • Display Advertising;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • etc.

(e) Information Systems / Technology

We assist our clients to automate business processes in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their team's and realise more value. We provide the following Information System services:

  • CRM & Marketing Automation;
  • Cloud Solutions; 
  • Creative Business Technology;
  • Business Intelligence Solutions;
  • etc.

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